Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine
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  Li Jiming is the chief engineer of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co.,Ltd.¡°One Grape,A Glass of Wine¡±is from Li Jiming's daughter when she comments about her father.Li Jiming is a dedicated person.Over the past 20 years,he has been working in grape and wine industry.He has devoted himself to his love wine career.

Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

Li Jiming was born in Danfeng county of Shaanxi province,where it has 100-year-old wine history.As early as 1911, Italian missionary has built winery in Danfeng.It's one of the oldest wineries in China.So he knows something about grape and wine from childhood.There was a winery just next to his middle school.But he never guessed that he would be a winemaker in the future.


Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

During college entrance examination,the headteacher wished he and several other excellent students could sign up for fermentation major to render service for hometown's winemaking career.He then admitted by Northwest A&F University.In 1988,he became a postgraduate student of professor He Puchao and under guidance of Professor Li Hua.The two professors founded China's first viticulture and oenology department.


After graduation in 1991,he chose to teach in the university.Since then,he concentrated on teaching and scientific research on grape and wine.


Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

During this time,he often led students to vineyards and wineries.They went to more than 10 wineries to promote advanced winemaking techologies and new developed products in regions like Shaanxi,Shanxi,Gansu,Ningxia,Inner Mongolia,Xinjiang,Sichuan etc. He also edited 4 textbooks.


In the 90s,Chinese wineries were developing very fast,so market competition became increasingly fierce. Many wineries were trying ways to recruit talents.Li Jiming was one of them.He thought that as an century-old enterprise,Changyu had a good platform.He was very grateful to Changyu leaders who let him realized his life value.


Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

He said,he couldn't make today's achievements without Changyu,the big platform.He often said to his team,never forget the development platform,without it you can't do anything.


He still couldn't forget that cold night on March,9th 1999 when he left Shaanxi,the place where he stayed for 33 years and arrived in Yantai by train.It's the first night in Yantai.The train was 50 minutes late,when he came out and found that two changyu leaders over sixty years old  were waiting for him at the station.


Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

Li Jiming said,Changyu as an century-old brand and now become an industry leader,one of the reasons was that they respect the talents,value them and care about them.


He has been the chief engineer since August 2001.With his lead,Changyu technology center was certificated as national technology center,which was the first one in Chinese wine industry.


Changyu technology center has been identified as provincial enterprise technology center, state-level technology center, this is the wine industry in China the first state-level enterprise technology center.


Li Jiming believes that,good wines from good grapes.Otherwise even the most excellent winemakers can't make the best wines.So Changyu has its self-run and contract grape bases in Yantai,Ningxia,Shaaxi,and Xinjiang regions with fermentation center and wine chateau.


Chinese Winemakers (73) Li Jiming:One Grape,A Glass of Wine

He has a daughter who also likes wine and now are studying in china agricultural university of grape and wine engineering department.In her eyes,her father only have "one grape and a glass of wine" in mind. Li Jiming smiled and admitted that he sure didn't have other interest.He was deeply in love with wine industry and devoted all his time to grape and wines.


In his opinion,winemaker is the soul of a winery,even the most advanced equipments can't instead the role of winemaker.For winemakers,first he should be dedicated,second be professional,third team work and last have international vision.


"To make chinese taste"is Li Jiming's life goal.As a lead winery in China wine industry,Changyu has the responsibility also the ability to make the most Chinese characteristics wines and provide more great value and diverse wines for consumers.


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