Chinese Winemakers (68) Cai Jianlin:Enjoy to be a winemaker
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  Cai Jianlin¡¯s life are full of choices.But he feels very lucky to study wine and enjoy to be a winemaker in Yunnan Hong winery.

Chinese Winemakers (68) Cai Jianlin:Enjoy to be a winemaker

In 1996,Cai Jianlin was admitted to college of enology, Northwest A&F University.But his wish was to study water resources and hydropower major. He worried it would be hard to find a job.


However,he gradually became interested in wine during 4 years study in this university. And graduated with top grades.


Chinese Winemakers (68) Cai Jianlin:Enjoy to be a winemaker

It¡¯s by chance he become winemaker for Yunnan Hong Winery.Like most of his classmates,he also wished to work in the east-coastal developed cities.But he didn¡¯t find an ideal job.The he remembered one of his classmates did internship in Yunnan Hong Winery,soon he joined in this winery too.


At that time,his parents were trying to find an occupation for him in the government.So he was waiting for a better chance.His parents really find a job for him during internship.But at last,Cai Jianlin persuaded parents and chose wine as career.


Chinese Winemakers (68) Cai Jianlin:Enjoy to be a winemaker

In 2003,he was promoted as assistant general manager and director of workshops of brewing and packaging.He then became vice-general manager and quality director of Yunnan plateau wine company in 2008.In 2014,he won Northwest A&F University golden grape entrepreneur award and got involved in making Yunnan local standard for Grape spirit.

The company is listed as "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", "national agricultural tourism demonstration site"; The products of the company was rated as "yunnan famous brand product", "Chinese famous brand product" and "China quality products exempted from inspection"; Yunnan red trademark was rated as "China well-known trademark"; Yunnan red crystal dry white wine won gold medal on Asia wine quality competition ;Yunnan red grape spirit was awarded silver medal on International wine and spirit quality competition.


Cai Jianlin was very happy to be a winemaker.He said,winemaker needs to pay special attention to details,because wine making is an irreversible process,once you fail, you have to wait for another year.As a qualified winemaker, he should love wine and regard it as a career,not only a profession to make a living.


Chinese Winemakers (68) Cai Jianlin:Enjoy to be a winemaker

In his opinion,a winemaker who doesn¡¯t know grapes can¡¯t be a good winemaker.Making wine is like to be a person.Without a good character,you can¡¯t make the true and good wines.


Wine has life.Its life starts in the vineyards.Its life quality was expressed on table.Cai Jianlin said, a winemaker need to attach importance to whole process management,that is from vineyard to table.


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