Chinese Winemakers (69) Gao Xiaobo:Have a wine dream since childhood
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  Nowadays,there are affluent second generation,official second generation and star second generations.However,Gao Xiaobo,vice general manager,chief engineer of Guizhou Moutai Changli Wine Company is proud to be winemaker second generation.

Chinese Winemakers (69) Gao Xiaobo:Have a wine dream since childhood

Her mother was an senior technician in Hebei Diwang Group before retirement.So she likes wine since childhood.She is a wine maniac.


She has been working in Diwang group for 32 years in charge of wine research and development,production and technical management.Gao Xiaobo said,¡±She has never left wine,even wearing clothes are full of wine aromas.¡±


In 1982,she came out first in Diwang recruitment examination.She then started her wine career.Luckily for her,the winery was developing China¡¯s first dry red wine.She learned lots of wine knowledge and experimental methods from this work.Gao Xiaobo said,¡±Diwang group offered me many chances for overseas study,which was very helpful for my career.I was very grateful for my leaders,teachers and colleagues.¡±

Chinese Winemakers (69) Gao Xiaobo:Have a wine dream since childhood

In 1997,Diwang started cooperation with Moutai. Gao Xiaobo was responsible for Moutai wine research.In August 2000,the wine won national high quality trophy.


In 2002,Moutai wine company was formally founded.Then Gao Xiaobo was invited to work in this company.An half year later,she passed the examination held by Ji Keliang, president of Moutai group and was appointed as vice chief engineer of Guizhou Moutai Changli wine group.In 2008,she was promoted to vice general manager and chief engineer by the board of directors and until now.


Chinese Winemakers (69) Gao Xiaobo:Have a wine dream since childhood

At the same time,she was widely known in local and wine industry.She became the national wine taster,wine judge and winemaker.She has published many papers on national journals and her research projects won national and provincial and municipal Science and Technology Achievement Awards.


Moutai wines received many medals on wine competitions both at home and abroad.Her conducted Chardonnay low temperature maceration white wine project won Brussels
Silver awards;Other awarded wines including Moutai Reserve dry red wine,cabernets,syrah,etc.


Gao Xiaobo thinks that for a good winemaker, you should have excellent skills,wide vision,excelent management ability, forsight strategic perspective,as well as humanistic concept,as well as patriotism.


Chinese Winemakers (69) Gao Xiaobo:Have a wine dream since childhood

Gao Xiaobo said,her aim is to lead her team to make the best wines,improve Moutai wines quality,let more consumers know their wines and make contributions to Chinese wines internationalization.

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