Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe
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  Yu Ying,Deputy Director of Changyu Technology Center is in awe of her work,no matter what she did,she spared no effort.Because of this,she got one chance after another during her career.

Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe

She said it's destiny to work in wine industry.When she studied in the Microbiology department of Shandong University,she was hoping to work in Changyu company after graduation.Because Changyu was the largest and best food company in Yantai.But at first she was refused.because she was female.In the time of 1989,winemaking was dominated by men.


Then Yu Ying came to work in Fushan wine company's techinical department as Laboratory Technician.In 1991,the company was incorporated by Changyu.She finally became a worker of Changyu,from chief of techinical department to vice general manager of Changyu Fushan fermentation center.

Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe

She recalled that life in Fushan fermentation center was very hard.The production was 30,000tons,which was the largest in domestic with advanced and automatic equipments.Because of the lack of grapes on the market,sometimes she had to sanp up for them.Changyu bought grapes by its sugar,the higher sugar level,the higher price.When purchasing grapes,there were often disputes with growers.Sometimes there were fights.So it's very hard to handle.


As a woman,sometimes she felt helpless and vulnerable,and even shed tears.In 1991,she was asked to Beijing Ministry of Light Industry for declaration of high quality products.She took bus from Fushan station to Yantai train station,then took train to Beijing,then transfered to bus.All the way,she carried 3 cases of wines of 36 bottles.We can imagine the difficulties for 26 girl.To her relief,the wines at last won awards,

Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe

Another time she shed tears was on the staion's second fermention season.She took leave because of high fever,but soon she was requested to back to work.On the way to company,she shed tears.


Though shed tears,Yu Ying was brave in work never lose to men.During fermentation,everyday she had to stady up until 2 or 3 a.m.She said,she didn't have a good sleep during 10 years in fermentation center.


Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe

She has been working in wine industry for nearly 26 years.Now she is in charge of Changyu company's technology management,process study and new product development research.Her aim is to grow the best grapes and make the Chinese own top wines that will not lose to the world's.


She thinks that winemaker is an occupation,as well as high honor and a responsibility. Winemaker and wine taster is an sacred profession.All her families were very proud of her and offered great help.


Chinese Winemakers (71) Yu Ying:To be winemaker with awe

In recent years,she travelled to many wine countries for study,Chile,France,Spain and Australia,etc.Advanced production management of foreign wine,vineyard management,¡¡diverse regions,rich grape varieties,effective mechanization,winemaker's devotion to wine,all impressed her.

She said,for wine,there was no national boundaries.Wine needs internationalization,¡¡personalization and popularization.To achieve these,it need to reduce cost(of growing,producton,labor),and improve the cost-efficacy and to introduce mechanization,cultivate winemakers and promote wine knowledge.


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