Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle
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  Cyclicity is winemaker's work characteristics.It is repetitive, but it is not simple repetition.From grape planting,harvesting to pressing and fermentation,every vintage there will be a new situation.So winemakers need to adapt to those new changes.Let's read the cyclicity story of Zhao Desheng,chief winemaker of Huailai Domaine Franco Chinois.

Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle

When studied in university,he became very interested in grapes and wines.His university is located in China's famous wine region-Changli.So he knows better about vineyards and wineries.Then he set his life goal-to be an excellent winemaker.


Zhao Desheng was employed by Domaine Franco Chinois in 2001 after graduation.Now he has been working in this winery for 14 years.


Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle

He thinks that a good winemaker first of all need to understand local terroir,the suitable varieties then can make the characteristic wines.He said,it's lucky to work in Domaine Franco Chinois where he found a good platform for career.It's a right choice. At that time,Domaine Franco Chinois was China's best wine estate with quality grape stock and advanced wine equipment.He then studied in ENITA de Bordeaux for one and half year to improve his wine knowledge and skills.In 2006,he studied in China Agriculture Univeristy for master degree in grape and wine.


Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle

Domaine Franco Chinois is a Sino-French project.Zhao Desheng introduced that,all grape vines and equipemts were imported from France,especially the vines are all grafted rootstocks.Its scientific cultivation as well as advanced technology and management concept set examples for many Chinese wineries.


In recent years,Domaine Franco Chinois has carried out many production innovation and experimental work to improve wine's quality.Many wines won gold medals on 2014 wine competitions.Zhao Desheng said,it's a recognition for Domaine Franco Chinois also reflection of Yan-Huai Valley potentials.


Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle

Each wine region and block has its own characteristics,so winemakers need to devote more time and energy.Many people think winemaking is mysterious jpb,winemaker is artist.Zhao Desheng said,actually winemaker's work is hard.During the fermentaion,there is no weekends at least for months.Every day should work overtime,but it's happy to watch grape turn into wine.Winemaking is an amazing process.It's changing all the time,moment by moment.


Zhao Desheng said,Chinese wine's quality has greatly improved in recent 10 years.There are more wines estate focus on premium wine production which attract some top experts attention.He believed that China can make the world class wines.


Chinese Winemakers (70)Zhao Desheng:Winemaker's Cycle

He thinks that each glass of wine is winemaker's masterpiece,so wine appreciation is very important.Winemaker's character has little to do with wine.But winemaker's preference will impact the style of final product.In addition,he noted that it's necessary for winemaker to understand the market.


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