Chinese Winemakers (67) Song Maohua:concentration makes better work
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  Song Maohua,graduated from biology department of Lanzhou University in 1993.He once worked in Gansu Huangtai wine company and Suwu Manor.Now he is the deputy chief engineer of Gansu Mogao Industrial Development Company and deputy director of its winery.

Chinese Winemakers (67) Song Maohua:concentration makes better work

In 1993,Song Maohua graduated from the biology department of Lanzhou University ,then worked in Gansu Huangtai wine company¡¯s Institute of fermentation in charge of things like the experiment of white spirit,rice wine and wine,new product development and quality management.


In the 1990s,wine industry in China began to develop.From the government to enterprises,they both attached importance to the development of wine industry.In this period,Song Maohua got more and more chance to learn abut wine and then fell in love with it!


During the seven years in Huangtai,Song Maohua became the deputy director of the institute of fermentation from a colleague student.I asked him why he at last chose wine instead of others.He explained that,¡±First,because wine is very interesting.In different vintages,you have different wines.It¡¯s so amazing! Second,it¡¯s an emerging industry at that time.Above all,I think wine brings pleasure and happiness to people. So for my transition,I just followed my heart and it turned out to be my right choice.¡±


He left Huangtai in 2000 and worked in a Gansu Suwu Manor company,a joint venture with Mogao.And in 2012,he started to work in Mogao.


Chinese Winemakers (67) Song Maohua:concentration makes better work

¡°Mogao is one of the biggest wineries in west region,and the leading winery in Gansu province.It specialized in wine production,so it¡¯s a better and higher platform for winemakers.¡±


His dream is to make a wine that people can remember.He said,¡±Though it looks simple but needs continuing efforts.As a winemaker,if consumers can remember your wines,it¡¯s the happiest thing!¡±


He devoted most of his time in vineyards,caring about the grapes.His wife also works in wine industry.To his delight,his two daughters like wine very much.He hopes that they can also join in the industry when they grown up.


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