The 27th Class of OIV MSc Finished Study in China
Date 2015-06-04 18:08  Source China Wine Online    Author: Li Lingfeng   Translator: sarah
  On June 2nd,the 27th Class of OIV MSc visited Yantai Changyu Wine Culture Museum,Rushan Chateau Taila and dined in Yantai Best Wine Cellar.Their study in China has successfully ended. Next they will visit South Korea and Japan.

The 27th Class of OIV MSc Finished Study in China

The students first visited Changyu Wine Culture Museum where they learnt Changyus wine history and its development.Also they tasted wines from Changyu Chateau Castel, Cabernet Gernischt and Chardonnay.Sun Jian, the vice-general manager,met them and answered their questions on China wine insudtry and market.


After that,the students visited Chateau Taila in Rushan city.Chief winemaker Gerard Golin met them and prepared wines for tasting.


The 27th Class of OIV MSc Finished Study in China

The winery recently got gold medals on Brussels International Wine Competition.The dry Chardonnay,barrel-aged Chardonnay,dry Cabernet Franc and barrel-aged Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the dry and sweet rose wines impressed them.The students comment that,Though vines are young,these wines quality were good which had great potential.


In the evening,the students visited Yantai Best Wine Cellar.Jim Sun,chief editor of prepared 15 wines from Xinjiang region,which was the region the students didnt have time to visit.


The 27th Class of OIV MSc Finished Study in China

As the image stor for PUCUI China Fine Wines Alliance,Yantai Best Wine Cellar has the most Chinese wines.


With Chinese food and Chinese wines,the students spent a wonderful night,their last night in China!


Wine list:

Chateau Guofei Riesling 2013
Chateau Guofei Chardonnay 2013
Chateau Guofei red 2013
Niya Winemaker's Chardonnay 2013
Niya Winemaker's Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Chateau Yuansen Selected Red
Chateau Yuansen Cabernet Sauvignon(Desert ecological)
Chateau Yuansen Red Butterfly Soul Red
Chateau Yuansen Blue Dragonfly Soul Red
Sunyard Black Diamond red 2010
Sunyard Golden Diamond red 2010
Sunyard Cabernet Sauvignon red
Loulan Cabernet Sauvignon (Private share)
Chateau Loulan Cabernet Sauvignon Exclusive Red
Chateau Aroma Gaya Left Bank Red 2011

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