The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study
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  On June 7th,The 28th Class of OIV MSc arrived in Yantai,they visited Yantai Changyu Wine Culture Museum,Yantai Pula Valley Vineyards Cluster,School of enology in Binzhou Medical University and Yantai Best Wine Cellar.After the four visits of History,Future,Education and Hospitality,their study on China wine industry has finished.After China,they will fly to South Korea, Japan for east asian wine market research.

The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

On the morning,the students first visited Changyu wine culture museum.Sun Jian,deputy general manager of Changyu company met them.He introduced Changyu company,their adjusted market strategies and achievements.During the following visits,the students learned Changyu's over 100 years of history and its development.In its underground cellar,they tasted 4 types of Changyu wines,Changyu Chateau Castel Chardonnay,Changyu Jie Bai Na,Changyu Moser XV dry red wine and Changyu Keya brandy.These wines are main products on China market also export flagship products.


The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

After Changyu,they came to Yantai Pula Valley Vineyards Cluster.After watching a VCR about Pula Valley Vineyards Cluster,Lin Yansheng,deputy general manager met them in the winery's experience center.She invited them for cherry picking.The students were attracted by Pula Valley Vinyeards's beautiful scenery in early summer!


The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

Then the students moved to Pula Valley's Chateau Shuiyun,where Lin Yansheng introduced the cluster's development plan and the project's progress.Winemaker Xia Guangli,professor of Binzhou Medical University introduced characteristics of yantai region and wine styles.During the lunch,the students spoke highly of Pula Vally's Italian Riesling white wine and its cluster's future development.During the visit,French student Francois interviewed Ms Lin Yansheng.Communication is the fast way to learn Chinese wine industry.


The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

In the afernoon,the students School of enology in Binzhou Medical University.In a few years,the university has developed into one of China's key universities for wine education.


Liu Shisong,vice President of the wine institute gave a lecture on the department and wine education.He also talked about joining Association Universitaire Internationale du Vin et des Produits de la Vigne (AUIV) and wishes to push Chinese wine institutes on International stage with Nicolas,eduction officer from the AUIV.


The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

In the evening,the students guested in Yantai Best Wine Cellar.Jim Sun,chief editor of,coordinator of OIV MSc China project gave an introduction on the cellar,PUCUI-China Fine Wines Alliance.He also prepared a blind tasting test for the students,9 excellent wines from China's four wine regions.


The cellar also prepared big dinner for them with traditional Chinese cuisines and Yantai local seafood.The hospitality of cellar,offered a wonderful night for their last stay in China.


The 28th Class of OIV MSc Finished China Wine Study

The Wine List:


Tang Tingxialu Riesling White


Chateau Guofei Chardonnay White 2014


Chateau Martin Longyan Rose Wine 2014


Chateau Yuhuang Marquis Cabernet Gernischt 2009


Chateau Yuansen Red Butterfly Soul Cabernet Sauvignon


Sunyard Black Diamond Dry Red Wine 2010


Chateau Guofei Dry Red Wine 2014


Sandy land Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine 2012


A Te Sen Cabernet Sauvigon Dry Red Wine


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