The 27th Class of OIV MSc Visited Penglai Wine Region
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  On June 1st, The 27th Class of OIV MSc started their study tour in Yantai.They first visited two wineries in Penglai,COFCO Chateau Junding and COFCO Greatwall (Yantai) Wine Company.

The 27th Class of OIV MSc Visited Penglai Wine Region

In COFCO Chateau Junding,they first visited underground cellar,workshops,wine-themed store,and brewing experience room.Then tasted its Italian Riesling, Chardonnay, Viognier, Petit Manseng, Petit Verdot as well as Cabernet Sauvignon wines.


After that,the group visited COFCO Greatwall (Yantai) Wine Company.Winemaker Li Zefu lead them visited the winery.So far, The students have visited 4 Greatwall wineries including Chateau Sungod in Huailai,and Chateau Yunmo in Ningxia,and Chateau Junding in Yantai.


The 27th Class of OIV MSc Visited Penglai Wine Region

Zhong Zhaojun,sales director for North China region introduced something about Cofco Greatwall¡¯s market operation and current marketing strategies.Together they tasted 2013 vintage Chardonnay wine,2012 Cabernet Sauvignon,Ze Xiang sparkling wine,Petit Manseng sweet white wines.The students gave good reviews to these wines,especially the sparkling wine,made by local Chinese grape. Da Ze Mountain region in Shandong has hundreds of years grape planting history for Ze Xiang grape.

Chateau Junding and COFCO Greatwall Yantai winery is the most representative wineries in Penglai.In the next following days,they will visit Yantai Changyu company and Weihai Taila Wine Group.


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