2016 Vineyard Report(5)Jiaodong Region:Protection against cold and drought
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  Because of the dual influence of east Asian monsoon and maritime climate,climate in Jiaodong region is mild.So the region don't need to bury vins in winter.But the Spring is dry with little rain and temperature rise quickly.Some poor cold resistant grape varieties can easily be injured.

2016 Vineyard Report(5)Jiaodong Region:Protection against cold and drought

Qingdao,Yantai temperature trends in March


After 2015 the warm winter,Sping temperature in this region is still very mild.In Mid-March,the daily lowest temperature above zero degrees,the highest up to 20 degrees.But according to the latest meteorological data,a strong cold air will affect China's mid-east region.And it will bring strong wind and temperature drop to northern China.So


2016 Vineyard Report(5)Jiaodong Region:Protection against cold and drought

Taila Vineyards


At present,most of vins in Jiaodong region are in "Bleeding".Penglai region's rainfall in March is 16.6 mm,plus the precipitation of January and February,so there is no need for irrigation.At present,vine pruning in Penglai region all finished as well as wineries in Yantai,Yantai GreatWall,Nanshan Manor,and Jinding Winery.Vins start to bud in Nanshan Manor.In Qingdao Huadong Parry,Vines start bleeding on March 14th.On March 1st,vins are tied to lines in Weihai Taila Winery.Soil moisture condition is good,the winery plans to irrigate in early April.


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