2016 Vineyard Report (9) Hexi Corridor Region
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  In early April,the temperature rise quickly in Hexi Corridor region.Many wineries start the debury work.

2016 Vineyard Report (9) Hexi Corridor Region

Mogao winery in Wuwei region started on April 1st.Because the temperature is a little higher in this year,the time is a bit earlier than last year.The 38¡ãwinery in Minqin county also started in early April.Qilian winery in Zhangye region started on April 7th.Now it has completed a third and will be finished in half a month.


2016 Vineyard Report (9) Hexi Corridor Region

The debury work is labour-intensive work.The high labor cost and low efficiency is the main problem for most China wine regions,Hexi Corridor is no exception.The price is rising but still can't find workers.Most are middle-aged women in their 50s and 60s.Although some regions are starting to use machine,it's only suitable for some standard vineyards.


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