¡®World Of Organic Wines¡¯ To Debut At Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018
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  Following the success of World of Organic Wines (WOW!) at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017, the organic wine-focused exhibition will make its debut at Vinexpo Hong Kong in May.

¡®World Of Organic Wines¡¯ To Debut At Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018

WOW!, dedicated entirely to organic and biodynamic wines, was an immediate hit at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017 this June, with importers, sommeliers and wine merchants seeking a clearly defined organic offer to meet the demand of a booming market.


For the Hong Kong edition, a total of 50 international producers will be exhibiting under the banner of WOW! with tasting tables specially designed to attract artisan winemakers.


¡°WOW! gave us the opportunity to meet a huge number of international industry professionals at Vinexpo,¡± says Alvaro Baños of Bodegas las Cepas in Spain. ¡°The buyers who visit this organic wine area know exactly what they¡¯re looking for, which is a great time saver. We boosted our sales at Vinexpo Bordeaux and have decided to repeat the exercise at Vinexpo Hong Kong to gain a better understanding of the Asian market.¡±


Asia¡¯s organic market is experiencing solid growth, with consumption of organic produce (including wine and spirits) in 2014 valued at US$7.5 billion. Of that, $4.5 billion was in China, where specialist stores are appearing in increasing numbers, particularly in Beijing and Shanghai.


Wine consumption is following the same trend and is expected to gain further momentum over the coming years, in view of the sharp increase in the number of Chinese vineyards producing wines from organic farming, especially in Yanqi in the country¡¯s Xinjiang province.


Located in northwestern China¡¯s Xinjiang, Yanqi is one of China¡¯s designated organic winemaking regions. Last year the small town was hailed as a model for organic farming nationwide by China¡¯s Ministry of Agriculture after 30,000 mu (2,000 hectares) of its vineyards were certified organic by the ministry.


Leading wineries in the region, including Tiansai, Xuanyan, Xiangdu, Zhong Fei, Han Hai and Yuan Sen, have already been certified organic by the ministry, while Xuanyan recently became the first in the region to be certified organic by the EU.


Vinexpo Hong Kong will take place from 29 to 31 May, 2018.





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