Bulk wines: moving towards a better understanding of markets
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  As part of the technical conferences of the 9th Bulk Wine Exhibition, which were placed under the patronage of the OIV, Yann Juban, Assistant to the Director General of the OIV, presented the latest world statistical data with a focus on bulk wines 每 which, with a volume of over 38 million hectolitres, represent 38% of exported wines at the global level (in 2016).

Bulk wines: moving towards a better understanding of markets

On this occasion, he recalled the modification made in 2017 to the Harmonised System (HS) Nomenclature of the World Customs Organization with the creation, at the request of the OIV, of the new 2204.22 subheading regarding wines in containers holding more than 2 litres but not more than 10 litres.


The HS is used by over 200 countries, as well as economic or customs unions, to draw up national customs tariffs and establish international trade statistics for the purposes of classifying goods traded around the globe.


Before 2017, the HS only comprised two subheadings: 2204.21, which identified wine in containers of 2 litres or less, and 2204.29, which identified wine in containers of more than 2 litres 每 the latter being generally defined as bulk wine.


Operators are therefore looking forward to the first statistics, which will make it possible to distinguish wines intended to be packaged in containers of under 2 litres from those sold in volumes of between 2 and 10 litres, and those sold in volumes of over 10 litres.




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