Preparation for the 41st OIV Congress
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  In an extension of his visit to Argentina for the GiESCO (Group of International Experts for Cooperation on Vitivinicultural Systems) Conference, the Director General of the OIV travelled to Uruguay to examine, together with the Uruguayan authorities, aspects related to preparation for the 41st Congress of the Organisation.

Preparation for the 41st OIV Congress

Tabar¨¦ Aguerre, Jean-Marie Aurand and Jos¨¦ Lez Secchi


This will take place in Punta del Este on 19-23 November 2018, on the general theme of "Shaping the Future: Production and Market Challenges".

The Uruguayan Minister for Agriculture, Mr Tabar¨¦ Aguerre, confirmed his country's full commitment to the success of this event.

Jean-Marie Aurand, after paying a visit to the location where the Congress is set to take place, expressed his great satisfaction with the way in which the various actors involved are mobilising more than a year in advance, and especially with the high level of involvement of the INAVI (National Institute of Vitiviniculture).





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