2016 Vinyeard Report (7)Other Regions
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  Because of geographical differences,debury time in other regions varies a lot.

2016 Vinyeard Report (7)Other Regions

Chateau Yaojing Vineyard


In recent years,wine industry is developing very fast in Shanxi region.Now you can find many boutique wineries there.The debury time varies from winery to winery.


Chateau Yaojing in Xiangfen county started debury work in end March and lasted about 10 days.At this moment,some vins enter the "bleeding" period,some start to bud.Climate in this year is much cooler.


The situation in Xiang Ning county is almost the same.There was a sudden spring snow on March 25th,luckily vines were still buried,so there was no damage.Chateau Rong Zi started debury work on April 3rd and would be finished in 10 days.


Grace Vineyard in Taigu county started on April 4th and would be finished in a week.The time is little earlier than last year.


2016 Vinyeard Report (7)Other Regions

Shanxi Grace Vinyeard


In Mongolia wuhai region,it started on April 8th,a week earlier than last year.And it would be finished in half month.Chateau Jinsha Zhenbao first remove the earth by machine on March 20th then labor on April 4th.It's just 2 days earlier than last year.


2016 Vinyeard Report (7)Other Regions

Minquan Jiudig Grape Manor


Vines don't need to bury in Minquan,He Nan province.In early April,vines started to bud.


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