2017 China wine imports: Australia and Georgia taking a leap
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  Imported bottled wines rose by 14.6% in volume and 16.4% in value in 2017 versus 2016, according to the latest Chinese customs figures.

2017 China wine imports: Australia and Georgia taking a leap

If bulk, sparkling and still bottled wines are added together then 745 million litres of wine worth 2.8 billion US dollars reached China during the year 2017¡ªa 16.9% increase in volume and 18% increase in value.

The increase reflects the positive effects of China¡¯s various Free Trade Agreements, which have cut wine tariffs, said trade professionals.

Free Trade Agreements

Imports of Australian bottled wines increased by 33.3% in volume and 25.8% increase in value compared to 2016. 

Import tariffs on Australian wines entering China fell from 14% to 2.8% on 1 January 2018. The tariff is set to be reduced to zero in 2019, under the terms of a bilateral trade deal signed in 2015.

China also saw imports of wines from Georgia rise by 45% in both volume and value in 2017, albeit from a low base. The two countries signed a free trade agreement in May 2017, which including waiving the 14% import tariff on Georgian wines.

China also has a free trade deal with Chile, and the latter saw wine shipments to China rise by 25%, according to Chinese customs data.

The top 10 importer countries in volume

France remained China¡¯s top source of imported bottled wines in 2017, with imports up by 14% in volume to 218 million litres, although only 8.8% in value, to the equivalent of one billion US dollars.

On average, French wines entering China fetched 4.82 USD per litre (3.61 USD per bottle) in 2017.

Wines from the USA saw a slight decrease in import volume, but the value of imports jumped by 44.1% versus 2016 ¨C suggesting a shift towards premium wines.

As a result, the average price of wines from the USA hit 7.85 USD per litre (5.89 USD per bottle), overtaking that of Australian wines, which fell by 5.6% to 6.45 USD per litre on average.

After seeing minor growth in 2016, South African wines suffered a 15% drop in import volume and a 29.7% decrease in value in 2017.

Sparkling and bulk wines

Just over 25% more bulk wine entered China in 2017 versus 2016.

However, a 40.8% increase in value ¨C translating to a 12.2% increase in average price ¨C hinted at the market¡¯s higher demand for quality.

Similarly, sparkling wines entering China saw a 27.2% increase in average price to fetch 5.74 USD per litre (4.3 USD per bottle).

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