Ningxia Adds 15 Classified Wineries
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  China's leading wine region Ningxia has added another 15 wineries to its classification system, bringing the total number of classified wineries in the Helan Moutain East region to 36.

Ningxia Adds 15 Classified Wineries

Three wineries have been elevated to 'third growth'status at the latest winery classification review that ended on 28 August.


In the latest Ningxia winery classification review that ended on 28 August, three previously classified 'fourth growth'wineries -Helan Qingxu, Chateau Bacchus and Chateau Yuanshi -have been elevated to 'third growth'status and nine wineries have been elevated to 'fourth growth'status including Chateau Changyu Moser XV, reported by Ningxia News website.


Devised by the Helan Moutain East and International Wine Association, the classification system evaluates wineries based on scale, production, quality and distribution; very much like Bordeaux's 1855 Classification was on its creation.


The 15 new entries have been elevated to the fifth growth status, the lowest tier of the system. The wineries include the Ningxia winery owned by Pernod Ricard, Chateau Miqin, Domaine Pushang, Chateau Minglu, Jinyuan Winery, Daylong Winery, Chateau New Bull, Chateau Jin Sha Wan, Chateau Hong Fen Jia Rong, Hollyfun Winery, Chateau Lansai, Chateau Saint Louis Ding, High Sun Estate, Chateau Mihope and Chateau Huida.


According to the classification, a classified winery must grow grapes from their own vineyards with vines aged at least five years old. In addition, yields must be controlled between 500-800 kg per mu (1 mu is around 667 sq m) with sustainable quality and traceable provenance.


The winery classification system, the first of its kind in China, is reviewed every two years. A 'first growth'winery, the highest in the ranking, will be evaluated every 10 years. Ningxia currently doesn't have a 'first growth'or 'second growth'winery since it first unveiled the ranking in 2013.




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