2015 China Fine Wine Challenge Held In Beijing
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Organized by www.winechina.com,sponsored by COLOMBIN & FIGLIO S.P.A and Colombin(Yantai) Cork comapny,the 2015 China Fine Wine Challenge (CFWC) was held in Beijing Xinqiao Novotel Hotel on Nov.28th.

The compeition received more than 170 wine samples,from China's main wine regions,like Jiaodong Peninsula, Changli, Hexi Corridor, the eastern foot of Helan Mountain, Beijing&Shacheng, Xinjiang and southwest regions. The number of entries made a record.

2015 China Fine Wine Challenge Held In Beijing

secretary-general of the competition,Jim Sun


Jim Sun,the ecretary-general of the competition first gave an opening lecture.He said,the competition was the last important wine event in the industry. It's significant for testing the quality of chinese wines and wine promotion,which built a platform for Chinese wine enterprises promoting their wines.


2015 China Fine Wine Challenge Held In Beijing

Head Judge of the competition,Ma Peixuan


Ma Peixuan,head judge of the competiton announced the competition's review process.She noted that after nine year's development,china fine wine chanllenge had become one of the most influential and vigorous competition in Chinse wine industry.Hope it can select more potential enterprises and good wines.


2015 China Fine Wine Challenge Held In Beijing



The COLOMBIN & FIGLIO S.P.A group has become the sponsor for nine years.PAOLO BALLARIN,General manager of COLOMBIN & FIGLIO S.P.A said Colombin group focus on quality and service.By sponsor the competition,it's hoped to imorove Chinese wine industry and help Chinese wineries understanding their wines.


28 wine judges,including industry experts,national judges,famous winemakers, sommeliers, wine dealers did blind tasting in a day. Then they selected the awarding wines.

The results will be announced on the news conference of the competion on the next day.


(More information,please read the original text in Chinese:http://www.winechina.com/html/2015/11/201511280647.html)

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