First China Wine Packaging Competition On Spot Report
Date: 2013-07-18 18:53  Source: China Wine Online    Author: Miao Xingyun   Translator: sarah
  On July 6th, First China Wine Packaging Competition was held in Yantai.China wine packaging industry’s current situation and future trends were discussed.

First China Wine Packaging Competition On Spot Report

Wine Packaging Forum


Packaging design should have clear theme

Wine packaging is different from other designs.It needs deep understanding of wine culture.Shen Zhongxun, Committee member of China wine professional committee, vice president from wine insititute of Northwest A & F University adviced that wine label design should have clear theme,especailly for small enterprises.The brand should impress consumers.”


Ingrid Salamon from MetaDesign company said,design should reflect some concepts.The quality and packaging image are two important factors for a successful product.For wine packaging,especially the labels,brand is the most important, followed by the producers and product information.


Zhang Lu,creative director of Shanghai Leibo Branding & Design company said,"Chinese produts should have their own styles.Now many wineries don’t know what kind of labels they want.They have no concepts neither.However, there are few professional wine label design companies can help them to design."


Zhang Jing, winemaker from Chateau Helan Qingxue said,"Packaging design is not means gorgeous packaging.The design should meet some packaging standards.Moreover, designers should know winery’s culture and concepts so that they can creat the right designs."

To reflect chinese characteristics


Du Guangzhen,general manager of Gansu Mogao Winery said,"Chinese wines should reflect some chinese characteristics.English words on label doesn’t means that your wines are nobel. A good label should let you remember the company at first sight."

Packaging serves for sales

Label is an important part of packaging.It can guide people to buy. Just as Ingrid said,"Wine label should pass some information that drive consumers to buy."

Zhang Lu said abel design serves for sales.When designing, you should think about color,elements to attract consumers.Shen Zhongxun noted that wineries should give up excessive packaging.

Focus on material and printing technology


Material and printing techonology is also an important part for packaging. Zhang Lu said,Chinese wine labels lack creativity.Wineries often copy each other.Besides,we lack some new printing technologies.

Song Na,general manager of COFCO Greatwall product R&D Department said,Design work is not easy,you should consider many factors,text, pictures, originality,effect as well as typography.You should think about each details.Meanwhile,the design should meet national packaging standards..


Du Guangzhen,general manager of Gansu Mogao Winery said,wine label design first should be elegant.Also,you need to think about some problems during product delivery.Wine labels can easily be damaged during delivery.


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