Regulations of imported alcoholic drinks on Chinese market
Date£º 2013-02-28 22:45  Source£º China Wine Online    Author:    Translator: sarah
  The regulations made in order to strengthen the management of imported alcoholic on Chinese market and protect rights of producers, operators and consumers.

The mentioned imported alcoholic drinks refers to all kinds of imported alcoholic drinks excluding beer, of the prepackaged bottled, bulked ,semi-finished ( base drinks), fermented drinks ( wine, champagne, fruit wine, etc),distilled alcohol (whiskey, brandy, cognac, vodka, rum, grain alcohol, etc.) and mixed drinks (liqueur, vermouth, etc.).


China¡¯s six national ministries will implement regulations according to their duties. There are supervisions on customs, hygiene, quality, market behavior & order and tax collection.


There are totally 8 chapters of 27 articles. Chapter I General Provisions, Chapter II Port Supervision on imported alcoholic drinks, Chapter III Supervision on imported alcoholic drinks¡¯ circulation on Chinese market, Chapter IV Supervision on imported alcoholic drinks Production and Processing, Chapter V Supervision on duty-free imported alcoholic drinks, Chapter VI Treatment for illegal imported alcoholic drinks, Chapter VII Market supervision on Imported alcoholic drinks, Chapter VIII legal liability, Chapter IX Supplementary provisions.


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